Chillin' 4K Results 2017

Overall Winners

Male - Chayce Macknair

Female - Lauren Kuykendall

Age Group Winners

Age Male Female
10 & Under Evan Shepherd n/a
11 - 13 Caden Bell Addie Parson
14 - 18 Garren Wolfgang Carli Walters
19 - 29 n/a Libby Jones
30 - 39 Mike Shuey Angela Shuey
40 - 49 Rob Angney Sally Baublitz
50 - 59 Kirk Rager Terri Lukens-Gable
60 - 69 Dan Durst n/a
70 - 79 n/a n/a
80 & Up Richard Aurand n/a

Overall Finishers

Place Name Gender Age Time
1Chayce MacknairM1613:09.00
2Garren WolfgangM1714:12.00
3Noah ShepherdM1414:57.00
4Tod ShellenbergerM1615:22.00
5Clay YeagerM1615:23.00
6Garrett BaublitzM1615:25.00
7Ben FalknerM1815:27.00
8Mason ShomakerM1515:30.00
9Noah BowersM1715:36.00
10Clayton HetrickM1616:23.00
11Lauren KuykendallF1616:35.00
12Sally BaublitzF4617:01.00
13Addie ParsonF1217:03.00
14Caden BellM1217:04.00
15Carli WaltersF1717:06.00
16Levi HarperM1717:15.00
17Robert KuykendallM1517:20.00
18Evan ShepherdM918:19.24
19Rob AngneyM4418:19.97
20Rob McknightM4518:27.00
21Maggie WebbF1518:52.00
22Maxwell LaudermilchM1218:54.00
23James LaudermilchM4218:55.00
24Kirk RagerM5519:27.00
25Malachi AngneyM1120:34.00
26Dan DurstM6520:39.00
27Tom YeagerM5121:23.00
28Libby JonesF2821:32.00
29Allison PrendergastF1722:19.33
30Jacob FloodM1822:19.62
31Mike ShueyM3822:47.56
32Angela ShueyF3622:47.95
33Melissa ShomakerF4822:52.00
34Kim BennettF4423:56.00
35Sherry HarperF4423:57.00
36Jimmy Lukens-GableM5524:06.00
37Terri Lukens-GableF5524:06.00
38Michelle BerryF5124:31.00
39Ethan AngneyM724:42.00
40Greg LohtM6024:42.01
41Cheyanne WolfF1125:02.00
42Sarah RoyerF1226:40.00
43Denise PrimakF4626:47.00
44Jennifer RoyerF4627:14.00
45Richard AurandM8527:27.00
46Jeanette FreedF3629:26.00
47Jonathan ForsheyM3829:27.00
48Erika BellF3629:52.00
49Madison RoyerF1540:23.00

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